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Reviews for the Hidden Agent

The Hidden Agent tells an intriguing and daring story of Neisha, a young woman who is an FBI agent, who has been charged with arresting an evasive international spiritual idol, Aji Abakar. The book will capture your imagination, as Neisha works to figure out the stories behind the story, to determine who are the people she can trust and who are the people who are determined to take her life. The book touches the imagination and engages us to contemplate issues of trust, blessing and justice.”

– Susan Quinn

“I LOVE everything about this book. The characters are complex, not cardboard cutouts. The author makes readers experience and *care*about what happens in them/with them/to them – and taken us on a memorably cinematic-feeling ride while he’s at it. Bravo! The spiritual aspect is discernible, as intended – but gentle – guiding readers to the realities he’d  like us to consider for  healing and hope  for the world and in our own lives….Perfectly balanced.”

– Nancy Dunham

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Why is this book free?

This book is free because it is not commercially viable. Today’s agents and publishers want books that re-enforce and build on the cultural shifts sweeping the United States. While this book engages with some of the biggest questions of all, it doesn’t grapple – positively or negatively – with the conflicts that define our contemporary cultural battlefield. It is tangential.

I didn’t write this book for commercial viability. I wrote it book for my kids. In it, I explore exactly the kinds of questions I hope they will, in time, ask. It’s a thriller because my kids don’t want to read something boring, especially if their dad wrote it.

This book may have no market potential. But I enjoyed writing it and others have already enjoyed reading it. Maybe you will too.

All I ask is: if you enjoy it, share it.

Thank you,

Joseph Cox

The Hidden Agent is copyrighted 2020 by Joseph Cox.

It is dedicated to my children, for whom I wrote it.

I’d also like to thank my most active Beta-Readers: Yedida, Michael, Rebecca, Shai, Susan and Isaiah. Thank you for making my work stronger.