The Struggle for Greater America

Washington, March 1, 2022
In a surprise announcement, President Biden has declared that he sees and embraces the reasoning in President Putin’s recent attack on Ukraine. This has resulted in a dramatic shift in U.S. foreign policy.

London is a foundational city of Anglo-Saxon culture – just as Kiev to Slavic culture. It is unnatural that the so-called English (really Little Americans) have a separate government and society. In reality, they should be made subservient – along with the Barbi Americans and the Sorry Americans (who call themselves Australians and Canadians, respectively) – to the government of the Greater Americans, led, naturally, by President Biden.

President Biden’s announcement made clear that the UK is governed by a clown who is obviously unpopular and supported only by propaganda and a military-industrial complex of a similarly illegitimate nature. British atrocities in Afghanistan only reinforce this illegitimacy.

The United States government has warned that Little Americans who resist President Biden’s advances will face slaughter. Obviously they are simply pawns in the Nazi-terrorist-drug lord Boris Johnson’s government and thus can legitimately be disposed of.

American cruise missiles, rockets, ships, aircraft and nuclear deterrent forces stand ready to answer the call of history and ethno-political inevitability.

All Power to Uncle Sam!

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