Vayakel-Pekudai: The Mishkan of (blind) Love

The last week and a half have been pretty challenging. As a result of a confluence of factors, this week’s podcast was not developed or delivered in my usual way. In fact, I recorded the whole thing in a pitch black room without any notes or sources at hand. If you’re curious why, have a listen…

  1. Susan Quinn says:

    First, I very much enjoy these podcasts. I usually print out the transcript to read on Shabbat. I especially enjoyed your distinctions between the first and second descriptions of the Mishkan. And I’d be very interested in helping you with your new project.
    Finally, I hope you have recovered substantially from your eye surgery. I can’t imagine having that kind of ailment. Sending prayers for a rapid recovery! —

  2. Nancy A Dunham says:

    I echo the previous commenter’s enjoyment and learning from your recent podcasts. As well, I add prayers for your full and rapid recovery!

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