Hamas Rebranding Notice

Hamas Rebranding

Dear Sympathizers & Supporters, Asaalam Aleikem… we at Hamas have been shocked by the stunning electoral victories of President Milei of Argentina and Geert Wilders (curse be upon him) of the Netherlands. These elections have served as a wakeup call for our global messaging strategy and we are urgently calling for a change of direction in this space.

Why We Need a Change

Argentina is a country in South America the has long elected socialist-leading Peronist statist governments. These governments turned a blind eye when Hezbollah and the Iranian government killed 85 devil Jews at the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires. They even killed the lead prosecutor in that case. They were reliable allies.

Until recently, it appeared the government of Argentina would remain reliable. The press, across the spectrum, was entirely supportive of our cause. In fact, on Oct 24th, the Peronist (good guy) candidate held a 45% to 34% advantage over his far-right right-wing neo-fascist anarcho-libertarian opponent. By the 19th of November the neo-fascist candidate won 56% of the vote, for a 23% improvement in under a month.

Being a neo-fascist organization organized around religious and racial superiority, fear and the persecution of minorities and sexual deviants, we have no particular issue with neo-fascism in general. However, this particular neo-fascist is an outspoken supporter of the Colonialist, Occupying, Power and the Israel Offense Forces. One of his first promises after being elected was to move the Argentine embassy to occupied Jerusalem. He has even publicly discussed converting to Judaism.

The problem, in this case, is that our political analysts believe this is why he was elected. Very little changed in Argentina between Oct 24th and the election. The only notable change was the beginning of Israel’s ground invasion and the ramping up of riots in support of Hamas and against Israel and Jews.

Instead of these riots effectively coercing the Argentinian population into compliance (as has worked with the citizens and the government of the UK), the voting population swung firmly into the pro-Zionist candidate’s camp.

Once again, Milei is not a reliable ally of Hamas. This was a serious loss for our global partners (you know who you are).

The same trend obviously occurred in the Netherlands. Geert Wilders (curse be upon him) was polling at only 18 seats on Oct 7th – just prior to the attacks. Geert Wilders (curse be upon him) has repeatedly claimed that Israel is the ultimate of freedom and the West. He’s not wrong in this assertion, but it is threatening to our mandate when it begins to achieve polling success. In the Netherlands, polling began to indicate a rise in voter popularity almost as soon as the Israeli ground offensive and counterprotests began in earnest. By the 17th of November, Geert Wilders’ (curse be upon him) party was rolling at 26 seats. On the 22nd of November, they won 37. Geert Wilders (curse be upon him) rose from 12% of the vote to 25% over this period.

New Branding

Due to these challenges – and the threat of them rippling into other elections such as those in the US (and particular US districts we already control) – Hamas calls on its members and allies to adhere to the following communications principles:

What Stays the Same

  1. Continue denying our involvement in the attacks we videotaped ourselves performing. Blame the Jews for all deaths. Somehow, it is still working.
  2. Repeat, without analysis, the Hamas reported casualty figures. Claim over 8,000 women and children have died – even though the UAE could only find 40 children out of the 1,000 they sought for treatment in Dubai hospitals.
  3. Stay on message! Those videos showing how nice Gaza was prior to the invasion are a PROBLEM. If people realize how much more needy others are, we could be defunded (note chart to the right). We need aid money to fund youth indoctrination, weapons programs and sympathetic NGOs! The world can’t know how little our people really need their cash.

What Changes

Limit rioting and flag and monument destruction to those areas where you believe they will yield actual control of a region (e.g. Scotland, the UK, Ireland, France). The electoral risks are just too high otherwise.

  • Avoid public executions and hanging people upside down from electrical polls while crowds cheer wildly. This just raises concerns about those who fear our potential governance in their regions or suspect we might not be ready for a State. Kill people quietly.
  • Say nice things about peace. People will ignore the Charter that calls for the death of all Jews; they have for years.
  • Stop with the black flag marketing and face masks. In our international messaging we should emphasize openness and flowers. See new logo above.
  • Finally, and most importantly, ensure the world understands that the Jews are the root of all evil. No matter how frightened they are of Iran’s growing influence, they can be made more frightened of the tentacles of the Octopus-like Jewish people. Trust us, it has a track record. It works.

A full updated brand manual with appropriate colors, logo usage, fonts and page layouts will follow in the coming days.

We trust all of you to follow these directives and thank you for your uncomprehending service to our cause.

يحيى السنوار
Yahya Sinwar

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