Madinat al-Salam: Trial Episode

Young Arab Man on a Scooter

There is no text with this one – the audio is critical. And you probably want a decent set of ear or headphones. There are quite a few notes you’ll miss with the cheap stuff.

The Music and Sound Effects (with an exception or two created by me) are from The image is by Bowcek Josemar on Unsplash

Enjoy! (I hope)

  1. Shai says:

    Joe, I though that it was great. I’d like to see more development of the idea in other episodes. What happened during the 200 days? Why should we believe that such a scenario is possible, merely a request away from the “right person”? What did the “right person” have to do to bring this about? What was happening on the Israeli side? What was meant by “We already have hope”, and what explains how the protagonist was captured right after the meeting, not before? I’d like to see as well further development of the idea of what the City of Peace is. Is it a unified homeland of Jews and Arabs? How are the various elements that have stymied this path resolved in this version? There are obviously those who don’t want to see this happen, so how is this city sustained over time? How are the international interests resolved between those who want truly to see an end to this, and those who want it to go on? How are the various sectors in Israel such as Hareidi, National Religious, Secular, Arab, Druze, Beduin, etc. resolving matters. Something akin to the way the current government does or some othe way? A lot to explore and I’d encourage you to develop this idea further Personally, though I like the production effort, with limited time I’d prefer more in depth explorations of these topics. The production adds a lot, no doubt. Especially if the “City of Peace” amounts only to beginning with Arabs playing their parts in cooperation with this – giving the sense that we at least have some chance of resolution. I’ll end this here, encouraging you to continue.

  2. Shoshana says:

    I like listening to audio books and have a hard time finding those that require me to pay attention to detail. This one requires attention. This is what engages the listener with the story. I like this and would like to hear more of the story as it develops.

  3. Yael says:

    I thought this was excellent! You’ve managed to make an episode that has a full narrative structure, while still being open-ended and fairly begging for the next episode!

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