I am considering moving to subscriber-based substack. If I get enough subscribers, I’d be able to really step up the amount of material I produce, restart a podcast etc… (I’ve shared some ideas below). Let me know what you think:

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Here are a few examples of things I’d like to work on:

  • A Garden of Eden in which all of mankind’s needs are met by a benevolent AI. The result is a state of constant war and a small group trying to find their way to a better reality.
  • A piece (and perhaps a story) on the modern definition of a useful life as an influential life in contrast to older ideas about a productive and holy life – it could have a very pre-Noah’s Ark vibe
  • A writeup/story on the experience of prayer as reflected in the germination and growth of a tree – with nutrients coming from the earth, energy from the heavens, renewal from the rains and cohesion from the tendons that bind our people through time (and a lot more).
  • A recording of A Multi Colored Coat that could be listened to as a podcast
  • A piece on the threat posed to the West by Hamas and its allies and what is needed to develop the political will to resist
  • A look at empires and cultures in terms of culture, mission, technology and mass
  • A book-length version of my story The Salvation of Darkness – about two sisters in a brutal competition that rescues a pre-Colombian culture and enables it to build an empire without an army
  • A book-length on a new healthcare payment system (I’ve talked about it before) and a battle between two friends. One is publicly responsible for setting it up and takes great pride in it. The other, secretly, is using what he learns from his friend to defraud it.
  • A possible system where people ask me to talk about/write about a question and I produce responses
  • A story/book about an alien attack triggered by the creation of AI as a universal threat
  • More of Betty’s Alien Cupcakes
  • More full-on produced story-telling (like Medinat al-Salam)
  • More Shadow Government – where I bring together a group of weird thinkers like me and we form a ‘cabinet’ and say how we’d react to international and domestic situations and realities.
  • … I’m sure more would spontaneously generate if I were focused on regular production:

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